Successful Conclusion of the College Entrance Examination 2015 in Zhuanghe City

        On the afternoon of June, 8th, after the bell of the last subject ringing, the College Entrance Examination 2015 in Zhuanghe City came to its successful ending. This year, with the special attention paid by the leaders of Zhuanghe, the exam was closely organized by education department, seriously fulfilled by schools, safeguarded by relevant department and greatly supported by the whole society. The test papers were kept confidential. The organization of the examination was in order and the safeguard service received no complaints. All in all, within well-organized order during the whole examination, the candidates were in good state and their parents were satisfied.


        June, 6th was the first day of this year’s college entrance examination. On that day, Zhao Linyan, the Deputy Mayor of Zhuanghe, accompanied by part of the leading officials of the Recruit Committee Office, inspected the scene situations in Zhuanghe. At 9 a.m., Zhao Linyan stated the safety precautions of the examination to leaders in Dalian through video in the main surveillance room. After that, Zhao Linyan came to Zhuanghe No.6 High School, Zhuanghe No.2 High School, Zhuanghe No.31 Middle School, Zhuanghe No.30 Middle School, and Zhuanghe No.35 Middle School to check the security arrangement and examination arrangement of those test sites, and learned the emergency measures, the organization of invigilators and the traffic around the test sites. Zhao Linyan observed the dynamic state of the examination room by entering into the surveillance room, considering that the test sites in Zhuanghe this year were fully prepared, and provided with good service as well as favorable environment. Zhao Linyan approved the high quality service of those departments and urged these invigilators to be conscientious and meticulous to make sure that the College Entrance Examination 2015 in Zhuanghe City could have a successful conclusion.