Lushunkou District Chief Yi Qingtao met with Korean guests

        Recently, Yi Qingtao, Lushunkou District Chief met with Shen Hengzhen, Chief Manager of Korean INKOREA Corporation, discussing on the cooperation of some industries such as e-commerce, medical treatment and health care.


        During this meeting, Yi Qingtao said that the government of Lushunkou District would support the development of corporations with all its strengths to establish the Dalian Lushun Sino-Korea Cultural Exchange Association as soon as possible, further the association between Chinese and Korean media, prepare to construct the Sino-Korean outlet mall, and apply for the bonded warehouse for Korean products. He stated that departments such as Customs, Inspection and Quarantine, Foreign Affair Office and Health should offer supporting policies. Glorious streets must coordinate to implement the project as soon as possible.


        Shen Hengzhen said that it was predicted that the sales amount would reach 400 million in China in 2016. Therefore, they planned to base in Lushun, face the northeast of China and hoped that more and more famous Korean brands could enter into the market of China, that Lushunkou District Government and Dalian customs could provide more support to achieve mutual benefits.


        Zhang Wenzhe, member of the Standing Committee of Lushunkou District and the Deputy Chief of Standing Committee also attended the meeting,