“Three Stricts and Three Honests” Educational Working Conference is launched in Lushunkou District today

        After “Three Stricts and Three Honests” educational working conference was held in Lushunkou District, Wu Xingbin, member of Standing Committee and head of Organizational Department, made specific arrangements according to the conference.


        There were 650 leaders including deputy directors and higher ones from 66 sections attending the educational activity this time. It will last till the end of this year from today.


        Wu Xingbin indicated that the spirits and requirements should be understood and complemented accurately and the significances, characteristics and paces should be well promoted. There are four “Key Actions”. First, having Party lectures with higher quality for thinking in place, relating to reality and analyzing roots and resources better. Second, having thematic seminars with higher quality for highlight the key points and ensuring the effectiveness. Third, having democratic life and organization meetings with higher quality for checking carefully and pointing problems out in light of the actual depth, and analyzing the Party spirit profoundly, criticizing and self-criticizing seriously. Forth, reorganizing and making disciplines with higher qualities for definite measures and strengthening enforceable restrains. The leadership must be empowered and examples must be set to prompt the working process, and be sure of grasping and pushing all of them at the same time.