Sanjianpu Lushunkou District held “One Day for Safety” Activity

        Recently, for further enhancing the works of social comprehensive management and promoting the activity “Safe Lushun”, Sanjianpu, Lushunkou District held “One Day for Safety” activity in the market of Caojia Village.


        On that day, officers from many different offices and bureaus, including Office of Comprehensive Management, Office of Letters and Calls, Bureau of Justice, Office of Social Affairs, Office of Work Safety, Women’s Federation, Office of Family Planning, Local Police Station, Cultural Affair Office, Communist Youth League, Trade Unions and Village Security Guards took part in the publicity campaign, setting up 10 information desks, making 12 pieces of publicity posters, hanging 10 publicity banners surrounding the markets and villages, handing out 1000 various promotional materials of social comprehensive management, answering more than 60 publics’ questions about comprehensive security management, safe work supervision, safety of using telephones, televisions and computers, illegal fund-raising trap, railway united protection, food safety and hygiene, and over 2000 people was helped and educated. Meanwhile, sliding LED on the local government building played the video about safe topic for expanding the publicity.