[Industrial Production]:
Industrial production maintained a steady and rapid growth. The total value-added of the industrial sector was 177.18 billion yuan, up by 21.9 percent over the previous year calculated at constant prices. Of this total, the value-added of industrial enterprises above the designated size was 139.84 billion yuan, up by 23.8 percent. (i. e. an industrial corporate enterprise with its main business income of 5 million or above, the same below). Of this, that of heavy industry was 104.74 billion yuan, with a 24.8 percent growth; that of light industry was 35.1 billion yuan, with a 20.8 percent growth. The value-added of four bases reached 93.03 billion yuan, up by 25.6 percent. Of the total value added, 30.82 billion yuan was attributed to the petrochemical industry, up 25.1 percent; 39.65 billion yuan; to the equipment manufacturing industry, up 24.9 percent; 13.35 billion yuan; to the shipping manufacture industry, up 39.2 percent; 9.21 billion yuan; to the IT industry, up 13.8 percent. The link between industrial production and sales is in good shape. The sales ratio of industrial enterprises above the designated size was 97.05 percent with the sales value of 493.2 billion yuan, up by 22.7 percent. Influenced by the international financial crisis, the output of some industrial products was reduced (Table 2). 

[Construction of Key Projects]:
The clustering effect of the advanced manufacturing industry took shape, and the construction effect of "Two Areas and One Belt" was obvious. The DHI•DCW Group started its revamping project of wind power hoisting equipment, and its marine crankshafts went into mass production. Construction of CFHI's nuclear island project accelerated. Volkswagen Group's project of 300,000 automatic gearboxes started, and BorgWarner's module gearbox project was signed. In the Dalian Bay area and Dayaowan port area, the cluster of global heavy industrial outfits and automobile components took initial shape. STX Shipbuilding launched its first ship, and the COSCO Shipbuilding and Dalian DMD expansion project pushed forward; the construction of CSIC Changxing Island shipbuilding base started; and the shipbuilding industrial zone of Bohai Sea was formed. The Dalian government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the CNR Group to build the LVshun locomotive base. The first 9600 kw electric locomotive of China, which was manufactured by Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. CNR Group, officially rolled off the production line. Dalian Petrochemical Corporation's 20 million-ton refining extension project was completed and put into production; YISHENG DAHUA’s PTA and Dalian Petrochemical Corporation's PX project were commissioned; and Dagushan peninsula petrochemical industrial chain came into existence. Huayuankou economic zone introduced 12 industrial projects, mainly of new materials, and was listed as state-level new material base.

[Industrial Economic Benefits]:
The main business revenue of industrial enterprises above the designated size reached 481.23 billion yuan, up by 21.7 percent over the previous year. The total profit and tax volume was 7.17 billion yuan, down by 64.1 percent; the total profit volume was -2.39 billion yuan, with the loss of 13.56 billion yuan. If the effect of gas and diesel prices is not taken into consideration, profits and taxes of industrial enterprises over the designated size increased by 8.8 percent and 7.9 percent respectively.