The Market Supervision Administration of Changhai County conducts random inspection on the market subjects

In recent days, the Market Supervision Administration of Changhai County conducted random inspection on the market subjects according to relevant implementation plans so as to adapt to the “new normal” inspection system.


The first is to enhance leadership and organization. An inspection team composed of leaders of each department specified inspection time, objects, scope and means and formed an effective working system to ensure the smooth going of the inspection as well as the full supervision on the acts of market subjects.  

The second was to enhance training on working staff to consolidate the supervision capability and improve the law enforcement level.

The third was to stick to the principle of “unification, random, fairness, standardization and balance” and randomly inspect 3% of the market subjects so as to enhance the targeting rate and ensure the inspection fairness with video materials restored during the inspection process. So far, over 194 market subjects have been inspected, among which, there are 36 enterprises, 157 individual businesses and 1 professional cooperative.

The fourth was to rapidly check and type-in relevant information of enterprises to be inspected and take follow-up measures for illegal acts such as administrative guidance, rectification orders and strict punishment.

According to the current random inspection, no abnormal conditions are found in individual businesses and some enterprises have some problems in data due to the false information of some shareholders. The whole inspection results are relatively good.