Dalian Heavy Industry•Crane Group exports mechanical equipment of large bulk cargo to the West Africa for the first time

Currently, Dalian Heavy Industry·Crane Group signed a contract on providing mechanical equipment of large bulk cargo with Guinea Aluminum Company, including one 10000 tons/hour stacker-reclaimer, one 40 knots/hour double car dumper. It’s the first time for domestic mechanical equipment of large bulk cargo to be applied to bauxite in the West Africa, which indicates a significant breakthrough of “the Belt and Road” market expanding.


Since the implementation of “the Belt and Road” initiative, Dalian Heavy Industry·Crane Group actively follows the strategy and has already made business expanding plans and implementation schemes, formed specific three “Going-out” marketing strategies of “borrowing, driving or taking boats out to sea” and determined four foreign marketing lines, in order to timely gain relative information and share achievements. By the end of September, Dalian Heavy Industry·Crane Group has earned 250 million dollar foreign exchange through exports and cumulatively mastered 43 items of marketing information related to “the Belt and Road” with nearly 3.07 billion yuan.