The Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision helps Intel Corporation to put a $5.5 billion project in production

Last October, the biggest investment from Intel Corporation to China as well as Liaoning Province’s largest foreign investment, which was worth $5.5 billion — “NVM Production” has been accomplished successively. As the project was put into production, the number of the temporary air inflow tank for chemical gas has increased sharply with the rate of steel cylinder consumption up to over 200%. If the steel cylinders that are beyond normal amount of inspection cannot be inspected within a short time, the subsequent business of the company will be affected.

After learning this situation, the Bureau of Quality Supervision organized several studies and discussions with experts and technicians of Boiler Inspection Institution on such issues as the personnel and the simplification of the process, aiming to increase the inspection efficiency. At the same time, they informed the Intel Corporation for several times of the requirement on the temporary air inflow tank so as to make sure a smooth inspection process and further secure an efficient inspection. The Intel Corporation expressed their deep satisfaction and said they had the confidence to build their company into a model of win-win cooperation between overseas-funded enterprise and Dalian Boiler Inspection Institution.