Lushunkou District enlarges marine ranching to increase fishing income

Based on the protection of the marine environment and ecological resources, Lushunkou District sped up the construction of marine pasture and enhanced releasing of precious seafood.

This year, Dalian Ocean Insurance Group, Yongjia Seafood Company and Jiyu seafood company took the measure of college-enterprise cooperation and employed professionals from Dalian Ocean University to re-plan marine ranching and build over 2000 mu of artificial reefs. Precious seafood like sea cucumber, abalone and sea urchins were put in the marine ranching and stock enhancement in coastal waters was upgraded to increase the conservation of fishery resources. In the first half of this year, more than 5.4 million yuan from municipal and district financial support was invested in releasing 431 million shrimp seedlings and approximately 2 million olivaceus seedlings.

The density of aquatic organisms in waters within the jurisdiction was increased by releasing precious seafood and fish, which has laid a solid foundation for fishing income increasing.