Puwan New District Industrial and Commercial Bureau innovated dynamic regulation system and strengthened safe production of chemical enterprises

First of all, the dynamic account should be established from the beginning to the end. The Industrial and Commercial Bureau classified the chemical enterprises located in chemical industry park of Pine Island into different categories according to registration information and through the comprehensive business enquiry system to get hold of the situation of the enterprises and then established chemical enterprises account in chemical industry park of Pine Island. The account will vary with the entrance, cancellation and alteration and a series of changes to ensure the whole process tracking of all the chemical enterprises from their entering to being moved out or being cancelled from the Pine Island. Secondly, dynamic supervision and the real-time status should be known timely. The Industrial and Commercial Bureaucommunicated and coordinated with the Management Committee in the chemical industry park to check the status of enterprises’ entering, starting work, completing, operation and the specific state of products and mark them in the account. Meanwhile, arrange the staff of Supervision Office and Trade and Industry Office in the jurisdiction area to visit and inspect the enterprises and acquire the dynamic information of the enterprises in the industry park. Thirdly, dynamic service and the whole process tracking should be conducted. Due to the special situation in the jurisdiction area, there are 11 dangerous chemical enterprises under construction, and four of them have been in the phase of pilot production with complete relevant formalities. When these enterprises are transferred into formal production procedures and alter registration, a business license will be issued. In order to help those enterprises under construction to initiate producing operation, a joint inspection team composed of the staff of Supervision Office and Trade and Industry Office of Fuzhou Bay was formed by the Bureau. The team is responsible for visiting and inspecting all the enterprises under construction and acquiring the relevant information of those enterprises which haven’t been put into production. Above all, the team is concerned about the problems that the enterprises encountered and help them solve the problems.