Lushunkou District achieved phased results on the construction of ecosystem


Lushukou District has completely implemented the construction task of Green Mountain Ecosystem Project, mainly by planting big trees, setting up landscape belts and intensifying ecological management and protection, with the aim to further promote the ecological afforestation of the relevant areas. Until now, over 95% of the task of the whole-year afforestation has been finished.


This year, Dalian City has assigned a new construction task of Green Mountain Ecosystem Project in Lushunkou District, that is, 3, 900, 000 trees should be planted and the afforestation coverage area should be 1, 6000 mu. Until now, 3 727 000 trees have been planted and 1 4400 mu of afforestation areas have been finished, amounting to 95.6% of the whole task. The remaining task is estimated to be finished in autumn afforestation plan.


In order to implement the Green Mountain Ecosystem Project, there will be 24 key projects, 2 district-level key projects, and 10 district-level key projects of streets and villages supported in priority. During the construction, on the basis of managing well the afforestation design and construction procedures, the management departments’ follow-up, investigation and supervision have ensured and facilitated the smooth implementation of the projects.


Besides, Lushunkou District has also issued Lushunkou District Regulations on “Public Greenland Maintenance Management in Areas Related to Agriculture” and assigned relevant workers of Lushun Forest Farm to take charge of the green space maintenance and protection work in the areas of 2 580 000 square meters related to agriculture, thus having ensured the survival rate of newly-planted trees.