People’s Square Street set up “Li Jing---Good Person Station”


On the afternoon of June 30th, the inaugurating ceremony of “Lijing-Good Person Station” in People’s Square was held at Shengli Community. Zheng Wenjin, member of Standing Committee of District Government and minister of Publicity Department, attended the ceremony, together with Mao Zisheng, who was entitled First Class of National Model Hero.


The “Lijing-Good Person Station” is named after “Chinese good person”---Li Jing’s name and it functions as City’s the first volunteer service station named after the individual’s name. The Station will do utmost to spread the model influence and guiding power of typical good person practicing Socialist Core Value, mobilize masses to pay attention to, support and participate in the moral construction of citizens, improve the quality of citizens and the civilization level of the city, and contribute to foster good and healthy atmosphere of learning, care and love, pursuing to be a good person in the community.


People’s Square Street set up “Li Jing---Good Person Station”.