Dalian holds 2016 introduction meeting on land investment attraction

Yesterday, Dalian Land Reserve Center held "the second introduction meeting on commercial construction land investment attraction in 2016", and14 related government authorities and 64 real estate development enterprises attended. This introduction meeting mainly focused on 11 land leasing projects, 6 of which are in Zhongshan district and 5 of which are in Ganjingzi district, covering part of Dalian's mature areas andareaswith value potential.


In this meeting, the 6 areas in Zhongshan district appealed to estate development enterprises greatly, since these areas have prominent advantages by virtue of their sophisticated facilities and scarce geography. Especially the areas located in Binhai Road and Zhongnan Road, which enjoy fabulous living environment. According to the prediction, the maximum floor price of these 6 areas will be up to 8400 yuan per sqm, and the minimum price will be 6100 yuan per sqm (Prices listed above are estimated for reference only, and the final prices should be based on the bid invitation, auction and listing documents). These 6 areas specifically include land renovation projects in Dalian Oil Chemical Plant, Shanling Alley, Zhongnan Road, Shanghai Road, Jianhua Street, Liaoyi Artwork Building, Tongxing Street enclosed area; and A land project of parcel of land, 760thInstitute of China Shipbuilding Industry, Binhai road; B,C land project of parcel land, 760th Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry, Binhai road; land renovation projects in Hualian Hotel.


The 5 areas in Ganjingzi district not only include sport center area, but airport area, Dalian Bay area with enormous commercial value. According to the prediction, among these areas, the maximum floor price will be up to 4600 yuan per sqm, and the minimum price will be 2200 yuan per sqm. These areas specifically include parcel land renovation project of the south side of the new cement road in Xinzhaizi Street; relocation land renovation project of Dalian Huahe Garment Co., Ltd.; land renovation in No.26, Huadong Road; A1-1、A1-2、A3 areas project of renovation land in Qianguan Pit, Dalian Bay street; parcel land project of A area of the fourth session of the sport center.


It's reported that Dalian will hold two more introduction meetings this year. In order to meet the needs of land reservation under the new situation, on one hand, Dalian established municipal two-level linkage system of land purchase and reserve in four areas inside the city and the new sport center and coastal business district in new airport; on the other hand, in accordance with the principle of government-led and market operation, greatefforts were put in exploring the operation pattern that government purchase social services to attract more social capital in first level land development and management, which means real estate development enterprises could get access to business opportunities in first level land development and management.