Forestry farms in Lushun are well prepared to resist drought and protect green in this summer


Since the onset of this summer, forest farms in Lushun have been working hard to resist droughts and protect green in agricultural areas, roads and gardens to maintain the achievements that have been made in the greening work by the whole district.


All kinds of facilities available are put into use to resist droughts according to the growth characteristics of different seedlings. Also, these facilities including fire fighting trucks, sprinklers and pumping equipments are regularly maintained to make sure they will function well when needed.


In terms of watering, different methods are employed in different places. For those with water sources, sprinklers are used. For those places without neither water source  nor water supply system, waterwheels are preferred. In addition, reasonable irrigation time, amount and methods are determined according to various soils and drought degrees to ensure the good drought-resistant effects.


Currently, waterwheels are employed more than 20  times a day, carrying more than 200 tons of water and irrigating over 5000 tons monthly. Up to now, five gardens and seven green belts extending more than 170 kilometers have been irrigated twice. These more than 2.6 million-square-meter land is now under the 3rd round of irrigation and therefore, the regular growth of seedlings and lawns are guaranteed.