Lushunkou Holding Lushun Branch Venue Walking Campaign of 13th Dalian International Walking Festival


Recently, Lushun branch venue of 13th Dalian International Walking Festival held the opening ceremony. Li Yongjin, president of the city Walking Association, and major leadership of Lushunkou District attended the opening ceremony.


At 9:00 am, Party Secretary of Lushunkou District Committee Yang Shen, together with the leaders present, announced the start of the walking festival with a shot.


"Health, peace, exchange" is the theme of the walking festival. Except setting up main venue in Yida sports center, Lushunkou District also sets up branch venues in Shida square and in the front of the Administration Committee of Lushun Economic Development Zone. In addition to a walking mileage of 7 kilometers in Economic Development Zone, the remaining two lines are divided into two sections -- 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers. Nearly 20,000 people from government offices and schools, enterprises and institutions, garrison troops, streets and communities from the whole district launch together along the three lines.


This year, as a branch venue of Dalian international walking festival for the first time, Lushunkou District attracts walkers from Dalian all districts and counties. At the end of 10 km, enthusiasts who have finished the whole course can get a certificate stamped with the seal of the organizing committee.