Changhai County Taking Multiple Measures to Implement the Responsibility System of Enterprises’ Safe Production: "Five Implementations and Five Arriva


In order to thoroughly implement the main responsibility of enterprises’ work safety, improve the level of safety management, and fundamentally prevent and reduce the occurrence of work safety accidents. Changhai County takes multiple measures and thoroughly implements the regulation of "five implementations and five arrivals".


1. To issue the propaganda wall charts of "five implementations and five arrivals" in place. Recently, in accordance with the requirements of the national, provincial and municipal documents, Changhai County printed 600 copies of charts. By the end of May, wall charts should be distributed to all enterprises, and be posted at a striking position by enterprises, to achieve a full coverage of the region and insure that leaders and staff of enterprises can see, think, be impressed and remember the content of the charts.


2. To create a propaganda atmosphere of "five implementations and five arrivals”. In 2015, the County Administration of Work Safety regards the regulation as the important content of propaganda and education work of work safety. Next, it will be incorporated into the "Work Safety Month" and other activities, to form a thick atmosphere and improve safety awareness through a variety of channels of television, radio, newspaper, etc.


3. To establish an information reporting or notification system of "five implementations and five arrivals". County government safety committee office requires each village and town to report the progress situation every quarter, and establish tracking, supervising and notification system.


4. To enforce the law strictly, and to promote the regulation of “five implementations and five arrivals” thoroughly. This year, the Administration of Work Safety sets the implementation of regulation as “necessarily checking items” in daily law enforcement and as an important measure of the deepening of the safety special rectification and the strengthening of the important measure “fight against illegal and unlawful production and operation activities”, will investigate the responsibility of the relevant units and personnel if there is any violation of the rules.