Project update meeting of annual innovation works held in Lushunkou District


Recently, the project update meeting of annual innovation works is held in Lushunkou District, carrying out the tasks of innovation works this year. Lushunkou District Party Committee member and deputy secretary of Party Working Committee in Lushun Green economic zone, the vice director of the Administration Committee, the team leader of annual innovation works in Lushunkou District - Zhang Shoucai, and the chief principals of Lushun economic development zone and street committee, are also present at the meeting.


At the meeting, the street committee members of development zone, Desheng, Longtou, and Shuishiying and some other streets report the progress of the annual innovation works.


Zhang Shoucai says there are many problems of annual innovation works in Lushunkou District, such as the insufficiency of encouragement for the street committee, meaningless subjects, scattered innovation subjects, and non-performance of fixed subjects. In order to solve these problems, Zhang says not only the development zone but also the street committee should be based on the principal of effective, practical, and enable, to identify narrow, practical and new subjects. He asks them to do innovation works on the basis of local conditions, instead of only flapping but doing nothing. Innovation works should center on the existing problems in the development and the weak links, and should be timely help, not the icing on the cake. He also says the innovation works should pay more attention on the people’s needs and difficulties, and should learn from good experience. Summing up experience, making good working methods normalized and institutionalized are also necessary in updating innovation subjects.