Special session on law-enforcing work held by Ocean and Fisheries Bureau in Lushunkou District


Recently, a special session on law-enforcing work is held by Ocean and Fisheries Bureau in Lushunkou District which is aiming to give front-line law enforcement officers security education. 


On the session, law enforcement officers are required to pay more attention on the appearance, to advocate civilization, and to make combination between intervention and education. They need to take experience from cases, handle cases according to the law definitely and rationally. Also, they should make efforts to offer service and available convenience, not only improve the management, but also emphasize the power of warning. As for the method, officers are asked to make the key points stand out, meanwhile, use innovative thinking and optimize the pattern. 


In the next period, Lushunkou District will increase the frequency of fishery safety inspection, with great pressure on the illegal production, and the overloading in sea fishing, etc. They will resolutely punish “three-no” fishing boats or boats with fake license plates. What’s more, summer fishing moratorium, security management among the moratorium period, propaganda of “safety month” and typhoon protection are all important preparation works for them.