The 9th session of Coordination Committee for Overseas Chinese as Russian ambassadors to China held in Lushun


Recently, the 9th session of coordination committee for overseas Chinese as Russian ambassadors to China is held in Lushun. The Russian envoy to China, the head of the consular, and representatives of Russia association in all parts of China are all presented at the session.


On the session, members of Coordination Committee for Overseas Chinese come from all over Russia and report the protection condition of Russia cultural relics facilities across China. And also, they put forward their opinions on how to strengthen protection of historical relics. Dalian Municipal Archives and protection units of cultural relics give an introduction of historical relics protection work for Russian old buildings, towers, monuments, and tombs in Dalian and Lushunkou District. What’s more, they also advocate further protect to Russian relics in Dalian area, especially the key cultural relics, such as the Victory Tower in Lushun, the Sino-soviet Friendship Tower, and the Soviet Martyrs Cemetery. To strengthen protection work, and to complete the maintenance and repair of relics facilities can further promote the development of friendship between the two peoples.