Zou Jianxin, Deputy Chief of the District, Inspected the Entrepreneurship Incubator Park of College Students Online Shops in Xigang District


Recently, Zou Jianxin, Deputy Chief of the District, accompanied by leaders from the Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, visited the entrepreneurship incubator park of college students’ online shops in Xigang District and investigated the relevant working details of entrepreneurship incubator. Mr. Zou investigated many parts of the incubator park on site, including “incubator space, media space, public services space”, listened to detailed instructions on the entrepreneurship experiences and management conditions of entrepreneurs of 11 entrepreneurship incubator projects, had a thorough understanding of requirements during the course of entrepreneurship incubator to entrepreneurs, and encouraged the entrepreneurship spirit and initiatives of entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Mr. Zou showed high recognition to the entrepreneurship efforts, spoke highly of the function set, project appraisal and incubator forms of the incubator park, and expressed his best wishes to a big success of incubator projects.


Zou Jianxin, deputy district head, inspected the entrepreneurship incubator park of college students online shops in Xigang District.