Dalian Administration of Work Safety Conducted 2nd Session of Training of Work Safety Personnel

According to the decision made by the municipal government, Dalian Administration of Work Safety conducted the second session of training of work safety personnel on January 20 and 21 at Dalian Training Center which is an affiliate to the State Administration of Work Safety. Based on the present situation of work safety in Dalian, this training session aims to further improve the quality of cadres who work at the first line of supervision of work safety in enterprises, institutions and other organizations.

About 100 work safety personnel including officials from related governmental departments of Dalian including the Administration of Work Safety, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Civil Air Defense Office, the Railway Office, the Water Affairs Bureau, the Port Office, the Bureau of Public Security, the Bureau of Transportation and other departments attended the training session.

Lihao, the deputy director of Dalian Administration of Work Safety, presided over the inauguration of the training session. He delivered a speech, making a brief introduction to the current situation of safety production in Dalian as well as the main tasks they are to accomplish. And he stressed the importance and necessity of this training. Yu Wanfa, the chief engineer of Dalian Administration of Work Safety, Wang Hongde, the professor from Dalian Jiaotong University, Chen Peichen from the department of emergency response under the Dalian Administration of Work Safety, and Wang Zongli from the law enforcement brigade were invited as lecturers for the training session which focuses on study of the newly amended Safe Production Law, the modern theory of production management, means of emergency management, compilation of law enforcement documents and other related contents. After finishing the training session, the trainees have a deeper understanding of the importance of safe production. After putting theory into practice, they are able to solve the practical problems they would encounter.

  Results of this training will serve as the important criterion for assessing performance of related work safety personnel.