NPC Deputies Inspect Work Safety in Shahekou District

Before the Spring Festival, on January 21, headed by Yi Zhongfu, the Chairman of NPC (National People’s Congress) Standing Committee of Shahekou District, over 30 government officials and NPC deputies inspected the work of safety in Shahekou District accompanied by Shan Yi, the member of CPC (Communist Party of China) Standing Committee of Shahekou District and the vice executive governor of Shahekou District, Zhou Xianfeng, the chief of Administration of Work Safety of Shahekou District, as well as other officials.

The NPC deputies got the whole picture of work safety in 2015 in Shahekou District before the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Conference meet in Beijing after being  briefed by related officials on the measures taken to maintain safety in production before the Spring Festival comes. The NPC deputies visited some enterprises, including the workshops of Coca-Cola Liaoning (South) Beverage Co, Ltd. and Dalian Gas Co, Ltd, etc.

Yi Zhongfu pointed out that the NPC deputies were closely monitoring work safety in Shahekou District. He stressed the importance to specify the responsibility for the enterprises to ensure safe production. It was important to identify and neutralize potential hazards in production, he said. He stressed the importance to train or educate the staff on knowledge of safe production. It was responsible for the National People’s Congress of Shahekou District to cooperate with the district government on supervision of safe production, he said. The NPC deputies affirmed the achievements made by the district government in terms of safe production. The district government has effectively neutralized all kinds of potential hazards in terms of work safety involving industrial sectors, especially in key fields, such as production or storage of hazardous chemicals including ammonia refrigeration, he said.

Under supervision by the National People’s Congress, the district is more obliged to root out potential hazards to work safety and at the same time to ascertain its shortcomings. In addition, the district government should also promote the work of safety production to actively adapt to New Normal of economic development and escort the healthy development of economy.