Zhang Shikun met the guests from Sodesia


The Municipal Committee member, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Jin-Pu New District and Jinzhou New Area, Management Committee Director Shikun Zhang met the CEO of Sodecia, Rui Monteiro and his group yesterday. He trying to push the second-phase project and the project of research and developing centers, hoping the two sides would have a closer cooperation in the further.


Portuguese Sodecia Automotive Group is a world-renowned automotive powertrain and vehicle parts suppliers who holdings the German FSG company in 2009 and focuses on the development and production of high-quality automotive transmission parts products. The Sodeia Automotive Group established Sodecia powertrain CO., Ltd (Dalian) in May 2011, which uses the technology of German FSG Company to support the production of gearboxes spots device for Volkswagen transmission CO., Ltd (Dalian). The total investment reached 20 million Euros and the factory was put into operation in July 2012. The annual output of products reached 4.2 million and the sales rang up 320 million Yuan in 2014.


During the meeting, Shikun Zhang claimed that the automotive industry was the focus of our regional development. There were Nissan, Chery two car vehicle manufactures, as well as a number of special vehicles and auto parts manufactures in Jin-Pu New District. China had a large auto market and a broad space for the development of automotive industry. We would also fully welcome the Sodecia Automotive Group developing rapidly and strongly in the New District.