Foreign Economic Relations

[Foreign Investment Utilization]:

The quality and level of foreign investment utilization was further improved. 507 new foreign-funded enterprises were approved, with registered foreign investment of USD 6.02 billion; 128 projects exceeded USD 50 million, with registered capital of USD 4.51 billion. 22 projects of transnational companies were introduced, such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and BorgWarner. Total utilized Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was USD 5.01 billion, up by 58 percent over the previous year. Of this, secondary industry FDI was USD 2.39 billion and tertiary industry FDI was USD 2.58 billion; the proportions accounted for 47.7 percent and 51.6 percent respectively. Actual utilized FDI of Xiandao District was USD 3.05 billion, accounting for 60.8 percent of Dalian's total. 324 new projects in advanced manufacturing, high-tech and modern service industry were approved, accounting for 63.9 percent, 72.7 percent and 81.5 percent respectively of the total.

[Foreign Trade]:
Import and export volumes both reached the new level of USD 20 billion. According to customs statistics, enterprises in Dalian region (including provincial companies) accomplished total import and export volumes of USD 47.041 billion, up 19.73 percent over the previous year. Of the total, import volume was USD 21.681 billion, up by 25.33 percent; export volume was USD 25.36 billion, up by 15.33 percent. The total self-operated import and export volumes accomplished were USD 44.909 billion, up by 23.7 percent. Of this, import contributed USD 21.07 billion, up by 26.9 percent; export contributed USD 23.839 billion, up by 21.05 percent. The export volume of mechanical and electric products was up by 20.5 percent, accounting for 47.7 percent of total self-operated export volume. General export trade increased by 38.24 percent, accounting for 34.2 percent of total self-operated export volume (Table 3). The export market was diversified, and export to Latin America, Africa and Oceania increased by 85.34 percent, 41.68 percent and 40.32 percent respectively.

[Cooperation with Foreign Countries]:
Cooperation with foreign countries stepped up. Throughout the year 1,379 foreign contracted projects and labor services cooperation contracts with foreign countries were signed. Contracted value was USD 1.16 billion, 1.3 times more than the previous year. The business revenue achieved was USD 453 million, up by 27 percent. External assignment service personnel reached a total of 25,100 persons, up by 10.6 percent. 39 foreign investment projects were approved, with a total investment of USD 80 million, in which 85 percent of the total investment was made by Chinese investors.