The export of Dalian fresh apples to the countries along the route of “B&D” sees huge increases

Yesterday, Liaoning Inspection and Quarantine Bureau published the news that 141 batches of 110 thousand tons of Dalian fresh apples were exported to the countries along the route of “B&D”, the value of which reached 7934 thousand dollar from January to April of this year, with a year-on-year growth of 19.49%, 15.79%, 18.17% respectively.

Liaoning Inspection and Quarantine Bureau actively serves import and export trade development of the countries along the route of“B&R”. The Bureau carries forward integrated customs clearance mode and implements paperless inspection submission to increase the speed of customs clearance. The technical regulations and risk early-warning information are actively collected and issued to effectively expand the channels for corporate information. As for the ten trading countries, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand, the Bureau guides enterprises to complete the service of internal and external standards, which can efficiently decrease recall risk of exported fruit. The advantages of demonstration area will be developed. The government departments will cooperate to establish joint control mechanism. The classification management measures of exported fruit will be fully implemented, which aims to reduce the ratio of export inspection, cut down time limit of inspection and quarantine and improve the level of trade facilitation.