The first saturating rain this year falls in Zhuanghe

On April 24, the first saturating rain this year fell in Zhuanghe with the help of artificial precipitation, which effectively alleviated drought.

According to the introduction of Zhuanghe Municipal Meteorological Bureau, affected by high-level trough, Zhuanghe encountered thunderstorm from the small hours of April 24 to dusk. The rainfall distribution was uneven and the average rainfall was 20.2 mm. Zhuanghe Weather Modification Office took the advantage of favorable weather to implement artificial precipitation and launched 18 rockets, which achieved obvious precipitation effect. The maximum rainfall of Zhuanghe happened in Donghualu Village, Anzishan County and the rainfall was 42.6 mm. The first saturating rain can dramatically improve moisture and reduce forest fire size class, which will provide a favorable condition for spring seeding.

It is learnt that the work of making preparations for field crops’ ploughing and sowing has been basically completed recently and the planting work starts. It is forecast that the weather of Zhuanghe will be mostly from sunny to cloudy in the next three days. According to the recent weather conditions, the agrometeorological experts suggest that the areas with batter moisture can seize the good opportunity to seed as soon as possible and repress after seeding to prevent water evaporation. The areas of wet soil and low-lying places should turn up the soil as early as possible to raise earth temperature for seeding.