Dalian Wanchun Medicine goes public in NASDAQ

On March 9, Dalian Wanchun Medicine Limited Company went public in the securities trading market of NASDAQ in America, initially issuing shares by means of red chips with the stock code “BYSI”. The stocks issued for the first time raised 54.3067 million dollars, making Wanchun Medicine Company the first new drug R&D enterprise that went into the three-phase clinical test of international multi-centers in the global capital market.



Wanchun Medicine Company, as the first Chinese biotechnology company of IPO in NASDAQ, mainly focuses on anti-tumor bio-pharmacy, namely new anti-tumor therapies. The research on advanced tumor immunity medicine has entered the third-phase clinical test of the global multi-centers. The new anti-cancer drug named punabulin is an innovative drug with global independent intellectual property. Besides, the company still has R&D production lines of tumor immunity medicines targeting cancer adaption diseases. The money raised through stock issues mainly aims to the clinical test for tumor immunity medicines. The successfully going public of Wanchun not only contributed to integrating superior resources of China and America and further improving its industrial scale and international influence but also created a good demonstration effect for industrialization of medicine R&D.