Dalian starts the business logisticsof freight transportationalong Sino-Mongolia-Russiaroad

Recently, 10 container trucks started slowlyfromDalian Communication and Transportation Groupto Tianjin, thestaging area of Sino-Mongolia-Russiainternational road freight, which markedthe Eurasian “Silk Road” of international trade logistics in Dalian even in Northeastern China officially set sail.Only three enterprises across China participated in this campaign, including Dalian Communication and Transportation Group, the only enterprise from Northeastern China.


On September 11, 2014,Chinese President Xi Jinping met with the heads of Mongolia and Russian and proposed to jointly build the Silk Road Economic Belt. The trial operation of Sino-Mongolia-Russiainternational road freightwill be opened on August 18, 2016. Three professional road transportation enterprisesof China are Dalian Communication and Transportation Group, Tianjin Transportation Group and GuangxiZhengyangLogistics Group. The 3100-km-long route,covers Tianjin Port, Zhangjiakou City, Sino-Mongolian border crossings, Choir of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, Darkhan, Altanbulag, Russia kyakhta and so on.



The campaign has laid a foundation for economic corridorsof “Liaoning, Mongolia and Europe” and “Liao, Manchuria and Europe”. Till now, Dalian Communication and Transportation Group has added 20 new cars including 10 container trucks and 10 rated large transport vehicles with a minimal tonnage of 40 tons, whichhas provided convenience for logistics and manufacturing industry in Dalian.



Large equipment, logistics, container logistics, cold chain logistics, warehousing logistics are the superiority brands of Dalian Communication and Transportation Group. International business cooperation platforms have been established in Far East Area of Russia for theexchangeof agricultural and fishery products, light industrial products and electronic products. With the advantage of customs clearance, Dalian Communication and Transportation Group will provide professional logistics services and business services for Dalian, Liaoning provinces and even four provinces of easternMongolia.