Facilitation in port customs clearance propels Dalian towards the international hub in Northeast Asia

 Since the start of the integration reform in Northeast China in July 2015, clearance procedures, customs clearance costs and 30% logistics costs have been significantly reduced, which has benefited  over 4 million enterprises

In recent years, Dalian Port has taken many measures such as actively cooperating with relevant units, vigorously constructingthe pattern of customs integration, enhancing the mechanism of joint prevention and control to promote the construction of the “three connections” and clearance in Dalian. In 2015, Dalian, approved by State General Administration of Customs, established the first customs supervision center with intermodal transport, thus laying a favorable foundation for facilitation in port customs clearance.

Since the integrated clearance reform  over the past year, according to statistics, the clearance rate of Dalian export declaration within 24 hours reached 98.2%, ranking top in China. Meanwhile, the “3 + 1” cooperation model for products like cold chain and wood has been established, thus achieving the full coverage in all fields.

With superior geographic conditions and advantageous route network, Dalian Port continues to strengthen the construction of thecontainer transshipment hub and has become an intermediate center for Northeast Asia international hub port and Bohai regions. From 2015 to now, 10 new trade routes have been added, thus effectively broadening the hinterland logistics channels and reducing logistics costs.

Meanwhile, Dalian with extensive route network and convenient customs clearance and transit environment, has gradually established transiting system radiating Japan, South Korea, Europe and Mediterranean region, and started business with key shipping enterprises such as COSCO Shipping, Maersk and CMA. The transiting volume in Dalian Port increased by 102% in 2015 and 17% in the first half of 2016 year on year. 

In recent years, Dalian Port has been building the cold chain logistics network centering on Dalian and covering Shenyang, Harbin, Changchun and Tongliao. With the improvement of facilitation in cold chain logistics, its freezer capacity has been increasing. In 2015, over 200 thousand standard cases of fruit, meat, aquatic products and so on have been imported or exported, an average l increase of more than 15% annually, which has promoted the Northeast’s coordinated development of frozen processing, transportation, warehousing, distribution and sales.

In June this year, the inspection and quarantine departments for the first time issued the Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Health for aquatic goods transported in Dalian Port, which has not only greatly expanded the development space for entrepot trade of aquatic goods in Northeast China, but also created a favorable environment for making Dalian Port an international trade center.