Zhuanghe City holds an experience exchange meeting to drive enterprises to “go global”

On August 5, Zhuanghe City held an experience exchange meeting to drive enterprises to “go global”. Over 40 enterprises in such fields as processing of aquatic products, equipment manufacturing and processing of agricultural products attended the exchange meeting together with relevant departments including Zhuanghe Customs, Bureau of Commerce and Bureau of Agricultural Development. Yu Chengfu, deputy director of the Management Committee of Dalian Cycle Industry Economic Zone, delivered a speech at the meeting.

At the meeting, more than 10 enterprises introduced the experience in “going global” with a focus on “how to go global, how to develop new products and how to explore the market”. Relevant departments introduced the situation of enterprises’ going global and encouragement policies in Zhuanghe.

Yu Chengfu pointed out that in recent years, the foreign trade export volume of industrial enterprises in Zhuanghe City has constantly increased and especially the export volume of processed aquatic products has always taken the lead in Liaoning Province. The enterprises above the designated size throughout Zhuanghe City are equipped with fine foundation for “going global”. Each enterprise should implement the spirit of the 6th congress of Party representatives and seek markets for development while each relevant functional department should offer assistance to the development of these enterprises and promote the development of export-oriented economy of Zhuanghe.