Lushunkou District purified tourist environment to promote the tourism development.

Lushunkou District, focusing on improving the quality and level of tourism service, intensified the standardized management on the tourist market in an active manner and purified the tourist environment throughout the district to govern tourist market order and promote the tourism development.

Since early this year, Lushunkou District has further implemented the “Tourism Law” and intensified the management and supervision on the tourist market throughout the district in order to standardize the tourist market order. The law enforcement department of tourism in Lushunkou District, together with such departments as market management, public security, urban construction, transportation and safety supervision, conducted a total of 18 major inspections on the tourist market, focusing on the sections of “black-hearted guides”, “touring vehicle safety”, “tourist food safety”, “tourist commodity quality” and “tourist facility safety” to crack down on unlawful acts, improve tourist facilities and  touring service quality, which brought down the tourist complaint rate by over 40% throughout the district. The District Market Supervision Department conducted major inspections on “three no products” in the tourist shopping market, handling 6 cases of consumer complaints about tourist commodities and redeeming more than 2000 RMB of economic loss. The Supervision Department on cultural products market carried out standard management on partial tourism performances and shows and rectified phenomena in violation of laws and rules such as performing unapproved programs.

The District Traffic Police Department further enhanced the management on the touring roads, cleared the roads along the entrance to the Baiyu Mountain Tourist Attraction, rearranged the driving routes and parking lots for the vehicles and banned the vehicles of the morning market from parking randomly. The Law enforcement officers from City Management Department conducted special supervision on the morning market along the Jiusan Road, thus solving the problems of roadside stall business and guaranteeing the smooth traffic for the touring routes. In addition, they also intensified the clear-up on the non-standard facilities in the tourist attractions, like billboards and light boxes, thus remarkably improving the tourist environment throughout the district with 6 light boxes and over 30 advertisement scrolls cleaned and more than 3000 roadside stall businesses banned.