Lushunkou District launched work safety inspection on construction industry



Recently, the special work safety inspection on construction industry was launched by the Group of Work Safety, the Group of Labor Security Supervision and the Station of Construction Supervision Management in Lushunkou District.


The inspection combines various methods including industry inspection, sampling construction sites, mutual inspection between the work safety inspection stations of different streets, and field instruction by experts. It mainly focuses on workers and special operators’ training, archive completeness, and special operation certificate for workers and special operators.


The group inspected whether the safe management project, place or equipment was outsourced or rented to unqualified units or persons, whether the workers were equipped with and used standard protective equipment. Besides, the signing of labor contract, the salary payment and the insurance payment were also a part of the inspection.


Till now 6 construction units have been inspected, 37 potential loopholes have been found out, and 6 pieces of “rectification order book” have been issued.


The inspection which has improved enterprises’ awareness of work safety, and cleared responsibility attribution of safe production contributed to the promotion of work safety level.