Activities of Earthquake Prevention and Disasters Reduction by The Administration of Work Safety of Changhai County


On May 8th, in accordance with the unified arrangements, the Administration of Work Safety of Changhai Countyhas carried out the consultation activities about the laws and regulations on safety production. It is aimed at increasing people’s awareness of prevention from earthquake and reduction of disaster, and ensuring safety in production.


It has demonstrated assorted billboards, banners and pressbooks, and explained the common sense of earthquake prevention and disasters reduction. The publicity and consulting activities were warmly welcomed by the masses. It received more than 200 persons’ consultation and distributed over 300 copies of propaganda materials on the spot.


Through extensive publicity of the disaster prevention and safety knowledge, the masses not only have increased their awareness but also have enriched their common sense of safety production. Moreover, it has enhanced their capacity of self-defense skills and it has achieved expected consequence.