A complete sales-chain for large cherry is formed in Lushun


A special situation this year in the Lushunkou District is when greenhouse cherry sales are not over, the multi-span greenhouse cherry has been on sale,forming a complete industrial chain.


In the greenhouse of large cherry park of Sanjianpu Street, Xujiayao Village, Lushunkou District, there are large cherries from close to 200 greenhouse cherry sheds on sales which attracts merchants around. This park provides latest-matured greenhouse large cherries this year, attracts wholesalers with its high quality, and sells over one thousand catties large cherries to all over the country every day since late April when large cherry began to mature on sale.


The greenhouse cherry in the Lushunkou District has been developed this year which covers an area of 150 hectares, mainly including the red light, the early, the sand rice bean, Rayne and other good varieties. Due to the comparatively high local temperatures this winter, The earliest big greenhouse cherry began on sale from the end of February, later than usual, with slightly lower prices than in previous years. Fortunately, quality and Volume of barriers are higher than usual, thanks to strengthening of the management of cherry, with an average output of over 1000 kilograms of high-qualified large berry of each greenhouse, and is expected to harvest more than 1700 tons totally. Besides, large berry can find an easy market since a catty of earliest launch greenhouse large cherry can wholesale to over 100RMB, and the normal high-qualified varieties can be wholesaled to around 50 yuan. This year, according to expected estimates, the sole greenhouses large cherry will increase income for almost 70,000,000 or 80,000,000 yuan. And at the same time, the district formed a continuous industry chain when greenhouse cherry sales are not over, the over 33 hectare multi-span greenhouse cherry has been on sale which can be connected to the outdoor big cherry sales, forming a complete cherry industry chain, enhancing the production efficiency of large cherry.