The press conference of 2016 China (Dalian) International Fashion Textile Expo is held in Harbin

In order to further foster the fashion circle of fashion industry alliance in the  three northeastern provinces and blaze a new trial for the cooperation among commerce, trade and tourism, Dalian held the press conference of 2016 China (Dalian) International Fashion Textile Expo to promote Dalian Fashion Expo in Harbin, Changchun and Shenyang since yesterday. The first press conference was held in Harbin yesterday. Responsible persons from relevant departments including Dalian Service Industry Committee introduced the development of Dalian Fashion Expo and commerce, trade and tourism, welcomed enterprises from Harbin and expressed the hope to promote cooperation between Dalian and Harbin through the Expo.



2016 China (Dalian) International Fashion Textile Expo will be held from September 19 to 21. More than 1000 enterprises at home and abroad will join an expo. 706 brands will be shown, compared with 454 of the previous year. Among them, the number of international brands has increased from 154 to 305 and its exhibition space accounts for 50%, increasing 20% compared with last year. The number of participant countries and regions has risen from 13 to 21. The Expo will establish an information platform for Dalian fashion textile industry with the joint efforts of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information and China National Textile and Apparel Council, with the aim of leading fashion trend and holding other events like “Dalian Cup” International Youth Fashion Design Competition.



The Expo will hold the annual meetings by China Fashion Designers Association and China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce in concentrated way. And over 300 famous designers all over the country and over 200 import and export fashion textile businessmen will show up here. The Circulation Branch of China Textile Industry Association will organize more than 200 wholesaler member units to attend negotiation, order and trade. The organizing committee of the Expo decided to ascend the hosting unit of "Dalian Cup" Youth Fashion Design Competition to China Fashion Designers Association and Dalian People's Government and change the competition event to "Dalian Cup" International Youth Fashion Design Competition. And the participant regions will be extended to over 10 countries in Europe, America and Asia apart from China, Japan and South Korea.



The Expo will continue to expand trading platform, integrate the resources of tourism and trade and open the fashion channel in the northeast regionto attract the brands at home and abroad through the Expo. Three special sections for “fur”, “clothing” and “material” will be set up to highlight professionalization. The organization committee authorized Asian Section of International Fur Association to host “First Asia International Fur Professional Exhibition”. The Expo will focus on increasing trade volume and further expand the scale of professional buyers. Many manufacturers and distributors from northeast regions will gather in Dalian. The organization committee will hold “2016 China Fashion Buyer Contest” and select 21 delegation teams from clothing colleges and universities. 50 small and medium-sized clothing enterprises will be appointed as the buyers to enhance the national influence of Dalian Fashion Expo.



Yesterday, other cooperative agreements were also signed involving Dalian Service Industry Committee, Harbin Bureau of Commerce, Dalian Oriental Holiday International Travel Service and other international travel agencies.



Dalian also conducted discussion with relevant institutions concerning trade, tourism and clothing. The responsible persons from Harbin enterprises thanked the Dalian Fashion Expo for promoting the rejuvenation of northeast region and expressed that they would be actively involved to promote win-win development.