The Market Supervision Bureau of Changhai County took various measures for the verification on the subject qualification of catering service.

Firstly, stick to the standard to ensure the on-spot verification quality. Conduct strict inspections in terms of setting, facilities, purchase and storage of raw materials as well as operating procedures, focus on the key areas that are difficult to supervise, including the physical examinations of employees, tableware disinfection, refrigeration and various special rooms, go deep into the sites of catering service units for verification term by term and order the units that are not up to the standard to rectify their problems and apply for verification once again.

Secondly, be strict with the procedures to guarantee honest and efficient law enforcement. Verifying workers shall fill in the form of “On-spot verification record on catering service permission” and after applicants’ check both verifying workers and applicants sign on the verification forms and record charts. Supervisory personnel, combining centralized or random key inspections, aided by the clues from complaints and reports, follow and supervise the process of administrative verification within the system to guarantee the legal procedure of law enforcement.

Thirdly, stick to humanized management and attach equal importance to supervision and service. On the principle of being rigorous and offering service to promote the development of catering service institutions, work practically on civilized law enforcement and explain patiently to the people subject to administration the significance of the on-spot verification standards for guaranteeing food safety. Especially for the units that are not up to standard, specify the conditions below the standard on spot term by term as well as their rectification measures and guide them to be up to standard as soon as possible.