The Market Supervisory Authority of Changxing Island implemented six measures simultaneously to improve “satisfactory rate of protecting consumer righ

The six measures are as follows. The first one is to assign responsibility. The authority intends to put satisfactory rate of protecting consumer rights into performance appraisal system and promote it as an important indicator and establish the mechanism of supervision evaluation, and carry out the responsibility system. The second one is to enhance training. The authority intends to further improve purpose consciousness, service consciousness and competence of the law enforcement officials and to solve consumption disputes efficiently. The third one is to intensify supervision. The authority intends to implement the mechanism of monthly briefing, and make a rank, basing on the completion rate of appeal, the success rate of mediation and the satisfactory rate of return visit of complaint and other indicators. The fourth one is to strengthen publicity. The authority has publicized Consumer Protection Act and The Punishment Measures on Violations of the Consumer Rights and Interests in a comprehensive way, and handed out more than 3,000 copies of publicity pamphlets and released 21 times of consumption warning and compiled and distributed 4 periods of data analysis report. The fifth one is to enhance supervision. The authority has taken news events, consumption hot spots and public opinion feedback as key points, and made a snap check on the quality of refined oil products, construction materials, clothing and toys and other products, and the authority has also investigated and punished the unfair competition conduct, false advertisement, overcharging and infringement using format terms and other illegal behaviors. The sixth one is to innovate mechanism. The authority has continued to improve the mechanism of “the convenient access to safeguarding rights”, “converting appeals to cases” and so on, and authority has explored the new patterns and mechanism of protecting consumer’s rights in an active way, such as the system of operators’ firstly dealing with consumer’s reasonable demand in the consuming process and the system of compensation paid in advance and so on, the authority would beef up the analysis and handling of disputes occurred in the area of online shopping and Wechat consuming and other newly emerging consuming areas.