Lushunkou District’s CDPF Supporting Disabled College Students’ Self-employment


Since Lushunkou District issued Lushunkou District Supporting Disabled College Students Employment Interim Measures in 2013, Lushunkou District CDPF actively has carried out the work, supported entrepreneurship of disabled college students, and enabled them to realize the value of life.


The blind student Li Ping in Dengfeng Street has the honor to be in the first batch to be supported. During two years, Lushunkou District CDPF altogether sent 50,000 yuan support fund to Li Ping, and helped her massage parlor to expand its influence through supportive promotion such as the distribution of free massage experience card, organizing media to make public service ads modeled on Li Ping, etc. Now, her monthly income can reach four or five thousand yuan.


Zou Xin is a master graduate of stomatology. These years she has been working for others, but she always wants to start her own business in order to increase revenue because of family difficulties and physical problems. Lushunkou District CDPF learned of her situation, and coordinated many times with District Health Bureau to treat special issues in special ways. Through the efforts, Lushunkou District Health Department did the formalities of examination and approval for Zou Xin as an exception. Recently, he also received the second support fund 20,000 yuan that Lushunkou District CDPF gained for her.


It is known that disabled college students can put forward the supporting application to the district CDPF through the street where he lives if he has one of the following qualifications: he has Lushunkou District household registration, holding the disabled card, he has national recognized qualification of the full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning and that of College of special education school, he is self-employed or engaged in individual business to achieve employment within 5 years of graduation, he holds the Business License or Individual Business License, or he has a fixed place of business or a housing site lease contract of more than one year.