Lushunkou District strengthens the school security work


Recently, the principals from schools at various levels, kindergartens, social force agencies in Lushunkou District participated in the spring of 2015 of TV and phones meetings about the school safety work to listen to  school safety seminar.


The education bureau in Lushunkou District has long been attaching great importance to the school security work, by setting up work leading group, signing a safety responsibility contract with the school principals in the district at the beginning of the year, one vote negation system is adopted, and at the same time, safety work was expected to be performed with normalization, standardization, refinement, course management, which effectively guaranteed the development of the education teaching activities. 


In order to implement the spirit of safety work, ensure the safety work to be done with no dead corner, no blind area, full coverage with extraordinary strength and measures. In 2015, the education bureau in Lushunkou District has put forward three specific requirements:"Strengthen the concept, clear the three responsibilities, and focus on the six requirements" to emphasize the school security, to ensure that the school security work in the spring of 2015 can be put in right place.