An annual examination of materials was carried out smoothly in Lushunkou District Labor Inspectorate


Recently, the examination of the written records of labor security for employers in 2015 successfully completed. It was extensive and fundamental for the work of the inspectorate and it was also a big test for the whole staff in the department.


All kinds of enterprises in this district are examined including state-owned enterprises, civil non-enterprise units, private economies, government institutions, social organizations and others enterprises that were entrusted by the local Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.


The content of the examination included whether the employer has obeyed the rules and regulations during the recruitment in terms of working hours, working system, employees’ wages, social insurances, professional trainings and so on.


For those who are not willing to cooperate or are dishonest, the related department will give those enterprises instructions to correct and correspondent punishment according to The Regulation of Labor Insurance and Supervision.