Jinpu New Area achieves preliminary results in the rectification work deployed by the central environmental inspection team

With the central environmental inspection coming to a temporary end, the third environmental inspection team conducted a special inspection on Jinpu New Area’s work of rectifying and handling petition cases assigned by central environmental inspection team on July 4. It’s learnt that the rectification work has achieved preliminary results, dealing with 38 key petition cases and 173 non-key ones successfully.



Jinpu New Area paid high attention to the rectification work and took it as a major political task. Efforts have been made to put everything in place including work deployment, entity responsibility and task force. Under the guidance of the third environmental inspection team, the Area improved the work file of petition cases, realized one file for one case, and put forward definite time limit and feasible plan as for the engineering tasks which cannot be completed in a short time. The entities and personnel who violate work principles, conduct ineffective rectification or lack implementation will be strictly held for accountability. During the rectification, the central environment inspection team in charge of Jinpu New Area and its office mobilized all staff to coordinate rectification work and take monitoring measures on the settled cases, so as to prevent the “rebound” of original issues.



A fox farm in Dengshahe Street without any qualified business licenses was assigned to be handled since the smell of fox disturbed the residents. Thus, the work staff from Dengshahe Street, Environmental Bureau and Agricultural Bureau of the Area carried out an on-site investigation, showing that the fox farm sets up no fecal and sewage storage tank or sewage treatment facilities and is only 30 meters away from the villagers’ houses. The fox farm is categorized as illegal farm since the operators cannot provide legally effective approval procedures. However, the farmers offered to move out before the end of November this year. The street thus required them to clean up the fox feces and environmental bureau put this on record for further inspection. Up till now, the inspection team has confirmed that the operators have already conducted rectification and eliminated fox smell. Besides, some residents complained that ten thousand tons of black ore sands were piled in the woods of Shanjiawazi Village, Yongzheng Street and the dust produced during transformation, loading and unloading affected their health. Thus, relevant law enforcement officers from environmental bureau and Yongzheng Street conducted a detailed inspection and learnt that the ore sand is general industrial solid waste owned by a certain material distribution department. The environmental bureau ordered the department to transport the ore sand to the places in compliance with relevant standards and also enhanced the management on dust. The successive settlement of petition cases reflected that the New Area has responded to the masses’ appeal with great efforts.