The bathing beach in Jinpu New Area makes full preparations to welcome tourism peak season

Jinpu New Area has stepped into the tourism peak season. Currently, all bathing beaches are making full preparations to welcome the peak season.



At the Luming Island Ecology Park in Daweijia Street, the beach pavement in small-sized bathing beaches and the tent building have been completed. Moreover, two canoes and sea dining rooms are newly established to make more tourists enjoy their travel.



Huangjia Courtyard located in Dengshahe Street is a bathing beach which was just put into use. However, the supporting facilities including accommodation and catering are complete.



As for maritime activities, beach fishing is also a highlight activity apart from swimming. The Luming Island Ecology Park promotes the beach fishing to enrich the tourism products by taking the advantage of the great variety of fishes.



Currently, the preparation work in bathing beach has been initially completed. It’s estimated that the tourism peak will last until the end of September.