Lushunkou District holds various recreational and sports activities to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival

Lushunkou District held various recreational and sports activities to celebrate the 8th Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Blossom Festival.

On the day of opening ceremony, the actors at home and abroad gave brilliant performances including the opening song “Oh, Cherry Blossom” intended for the Festival, the dance “The Curly Haired Birch Forest” with foreign characteristics by Russians from Lushun Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Association, the flash dance “Blue Dream” which is well received among youths by undergraduates from Liaoning University of International Business and so on.

On April 23, the 8th Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Blossom Festival Table Tennis Tournament was held in Lushun Table Tennis Hall, which was sponsored by Lushunkou District Government, co-sponsored by Bureau of Cultural and Sports Broadcasting, Film and Television and Tourism Board and assisted by Lushunkou District Table Tennis Association. The tournament was attended by 39 representative teams from South Korea, Anshan City, Fushun City and so on. After one day and a half’s competition, Dalian Xiaochai First Team and Zhuanghe Team won the first and the second place respectively.

On the evening of April 23, Voice of Dalian Broadcast hosted by 10 excellent presenters from Dalian TV and the best-known singers in program “Better Skill” was launched in 203 Cherry Blossom Park. The songs and dances also added surging vitality for admiring cherry blossom at night.