The overall employment situation after the Spring Festival in Lushunkou District remains good

In order to fully master the current employment situation of enterprises, Lushunkou District Talent (Employment) Service Center carried out investigation and analysis on the recruitment situation of some enterprises. Up till now, the overall employment situation in Lushunkou District remains stable and good.

After the Spring Festival, Lushunkou District Talent (Employment) Service Center successively conducted investigation and research on 42 enterprises concerning industrial, commercial and shipbuilding enterprises. Based on the research, we found that commercial enterprises did not stop production during the Spring Festival; over 95% enterprises returned to work normally after the 8th of the first lunar month; construction enterprises still have not returned to work due to the cold season; the recruitment increased steadily compared with the situation before the Festival; 90% enterprises could meet the recruitment demand for production.

Moreover, in order to promote the rational flow of human resources and address the problems existing in employment, Lushunkou District Talent (Employment) Service Center will also promote the “Four-in-One” employment service model.