Leaders of Ganjingzi District paid a visit to Zhuanghe

On January 22nd morning, Wang Ge, deputy head of Dalian Ganjingzi District, accompanied by Yu Chengfu, leader of Zhuanghe City, led the related personnel, to visit 5 low-income villages in Chenshan Town and Taling Town and gave them 200thousand yuan to support development.

The 5 poor villages are Mamiao Village, Shengli Village, Bangchuigou Village, Weizi Village and Baoju Village. Ganjingzi District has helped them for years. In this way, the infrastructure construction in these five low-income villages has been improved significantly. Greenhouses for farmers are also increased year after year, which advances the new rural reconstruction and increases the income of farmers. In order to help them construct the homeland better, this year 200 thousand yuan will continuously be  given to each poor village.

Yu Chengfu showed his gratitude to Ganjingzi District for their sincere help. He said, thanks to the support from Ganjingzi District ,the villages in Chenshan Town and Taling Town have made so much progress. Each village shall make good use of the fund, further strengthen the infrastructure construction and promote farmers' income to live up to the deep friendship o Ganjingzi District and to achieve satisfactory results in return for their help and support.