The featured commodities of Lushun contributed to the Spring Festival Shopping in Dalian

Recently, more than 40 companies from Lushunkou District presented their products at the 2nd Spring Festival Trade Fair of Agricultural Products held in Dalian Xinghai Exhibition Center.

In order to publicize the featured and qualified agricultural products, the local government encouraged the big households of crop and animal productions, leading enterprises and peasants’ cooperatives to establish direct relations with the consumers. With the support from the government, these companies including Zhudao Food, Tuocheng Food and stone-milled flour companies and cooperatives will get free stands at the trade fair. 

It is acknowledged that this year’s fair was larger than last one and the products are also of better quality. During the affair, the exhibition zone of Lushun attracted more than 10,000 person-times and the trade volumn amounted more than 1 million. The featured products like shrimps, wakame and kirsch all presented in the fair which not only give the companies an opportunity to sell their products but also offer the customers a big bargain.  The companies who benefited from the fair also showed their gratitude by offering silk banners to the municipal supply and marketing cooperative, district government and district Bureau of Commerce.

The fair received good reputation from both consumers and companies and the whole society and achieved remarkable economic benefits.