Jiusan Society Primary Committee of Lushun District was established

Recently, the 3rd general meeting of commune members, namely the inaugural meeting of Jiusan Society Primary Committee of Lushunkou District was convened. Deputy Secretary of the District Li Jun, Vice Chairman of the Dalian Municipal Jiusan Society Committee Guan Zhihong and Liu Zhaokun, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and the Minister of the United Front Work Department in Lushunkou District Wang Yan attended the meeting.

After a secret ballot, the third session members of Jiusan Society Primary Committee of Lushunkou District were elected and Han Chao was elected to be the chairman.

Deputy Secretary of the district Li Jun congratulated on behalf of the Lushunkou Regional Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Li Jun said, Jiusan Society Lushunkou Agency has been focusing on the task, giving full play to their own characteristics and advantages and making contributions to the political consultation, democratic supervision, participation, serving the society to build a green economic zone since 1995 when it was established.

Li Jun hoped Jiusan Society Primary Committee of Lushunkou District can deepen the relationship with the CPC Lushunkou District Committee, give full play to their constituency, improve the capability and carry out special investigation around the education, medical and health care reform; serve the overall situation, be a good assistant and make contribution to attracting investment; Strengthen the construction of ideology, organization,system and leadership according to the requirements of building high-quality participating parties, constantly improve the political ability to grasp, participate, organize, cooperate with Ruling Party and solve problems, thus making greater contribution to open a new road to construct the Lushun green economic zone.