Lushunkou District has made new achievements in promoting “Three New” technological equipment of agricultural machinery

In 2015, the promotion departments of agricultural machinery in Lushunkou District, adhering to the concept of “concerning rural areas, serving agriculture and benefiting farmers”, made new achievements in training work of agricultural machinery and promoting “Three New”, namely new technology, new machines and tools and new equipment in terms of introduction, experiments, demonstration and popularization.

The Promotion Station of Agricultural Machinery in Lushunkou District succeeded in developing the L-170 type of land preparation machine of deep scarification in 2014 and through one-year track and research, transformed this type to L-200ZS type of land preparation machine of deep scarification in 2015 in combination with the specific land condition throughout the district, thus considerably improving work capacity and production efficiency with over 100 mu of deep loosened land each day. The introduction of new type of maize no-tillage planter realized fertilization on the stub land, thus reducing the soil stir to the minimum, ensuring the emergence rate and reducing labor cost. The introduction of 4u-83 type of potato lifter not only improved yield rate and reduced breakage rate with 2 to 3 mu of potato reaped per hour, but also filled the gap of mechanized harvesting in Lushunkou District.

Over the past year, the Promotion Station of Agricultural Machinery in Lushunkou District mainly promoted 10 major kinds of technical equipment involving mechanized joint soil preparation technology, joint sowing technology, joint harvesting technology and mechanized technology of facility agriculture and popularized a total of 1500 sets of machines and tools including tractors, garden and filed machines, seeders, insecticide sprayers, volume curtain machines and fumigators, thus making the total number of agricultural machinery up to 40 thousand sets with 0.7 million standard mu of quantity work. The comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization in grain, vegetables, fruits, flowers and facility agriculture has reached 80%, taking the lead at both provincial and municipal levels.

In the meantime, the Promotion Station of Agricultural Machinery in Lushunkou District intensified efforts in training drivers of agricultural machinery by carrying out training courses with 13 trainees all passing the examination of the Municipal Inspection and Control Bureau of Agricultural Machinery. In addition, the Station also held the first competition among drivers of agricultural machinery and selected 13 drivers to attend the qualification trial of Northeast China of “2015 Elite Driver of Agricultural Machinery in China”. Finally 5 candidates were promoted to attend the national final, ranking first in the competition area of Northeast China with one driver entering the top ten.