A sci-tech service platform for companies in Lushunkou District is built to develop high-tech industry

In order to cultivate innovative companies, develop high-tech industry and implement the development strategy of intellectual property, a sci-tech service platform for companies in Lushunkou District is built. Up to now, the production value of the high-tech products in the whole district amounts to 4.745 billion yuan and the added value of that is 1.209 billion yuan.

In recent years, by initiating activities like ”Innovating Careers under the Guidance of tens of thousands of Academicians”, 33 high-tech companies has established cooperation relationships with 33 universities including Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and etc. During the cooperation, 11 science and technology cooperation bases were founded and more than 30 projects and new products were developed.

Another “Incubator Project” is implemented to push forward the construction of Science-based Incubators. This year, 6 technological start-up teams were introduced to Dalian Innovation Park and the number of the companies signed for incubators amounts to 106 and 4 companies applied for Science and Technology Plan Projects of district level. Up to now, there are in total 63 patent applications, 31 authorizations and 206 valid patents in the district.

Moreover, Lushunkou District is also devoted to the construction of “Two Gardens and One Gallery”. The two Gardens are Modern Maritime Industrial Park and Modern Gardening Industrial Park. The former park is doing a good job in marine ranching with the joint effort of Dalian Haibao Fishery Co. Ltd. and other companies while the latter is focusing on reforming 3000 mu of agricultural facilities. The “One Gallery” refers to Modern Urban Leisure Industry Gallery. In this area, projects like promoting Xiaonan Village to apply for “National Model Points of Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism”, Dielianhua Butterfly Park and Space Museum are all playing crucial roles in helping Lushunkou District to build a healthy leisure agriculture rural tourism.