The public welfare project of “care package” has been launched in Lushunkou District

If Children's growth Park is a warm home to the children in Lushunkou District established by Lushunkou District Women’s Federation, the “care package” is the love red line bridging people engaged in social welfare and poor children. On December 8, Lushunkou District Women’s Federation and the Branch of Lushun Post have made joint efforts in carrying out the public welfare project of “care package” in Children's growth Park in Fangjia Village, Lushun Development Zone, delivering care package to 30 floating children and single-parent children in the park.

The public welfare project of “care package” is a public welfare activity co-sponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) and China Post, in which people can pass hope and confidence to children, aiming to mobilize the social power to donate care package, encourage more people to be engaged in love and charity, help the children in poor areas to feel the warmth from the society and foster a harmonious social atmosphere. The contents in the care package are the elaborately prepared articles for study and daily use according to the needs of the target beneficiaries.

In September this year, Lushunkou District Women’s Federation cooperate actively with the Branch of Lushun Post in selecting nearly 300 poor, floating, left-behind and single-parent children from the seven Children's growth Park in the District to be recorded in the data base of “care package”so that they can receive the social donations. Until November, more than 50 thousand yuan has been donated in one-on-one way. So far, all the care packages have been sent to our District from China Post, and the Lushunkou District Women’s Federation will deliver the packages in batches to each child.